KYROZID® - the rapid solution for
all water and water pipe systems
By means of chlorine dioxide product range KYROZID® the disinfections
is getting easier, quicker and safer. KYROZID® is chlorine dioxide in
new and more easy to handle form; a highly effective two component product,
which can be supplied either in liquid or in dry solid form as powder or tablets.
A rapid production of chlorine dioxide solution is therefore possible right at
the spot. The KYROZID® procedure guarantees simple handling and economical
CIO2 - production within short time.
Chlorine dioxide is then made when tablets or powder - components are dissolved
in water or the liquid components are mixed in water. All components do not contain
any corrosive or toxic heavy metal salts. Another advantage is that when stored
professionally, the KYROZID® - components have practically an unlimited shelf-life.
Production and Application
In order to produce a dosage solution (concentrate), either the powder components
are dissolved in water, or the liquid components are mixed into water. After adding
the two components into the water a reaction time of minimum 30 minutes is required.
When utilising KYROZID/ClO2 - solution it is necessary to carry out a minimum dilution.
The ph range of the KYROZID - type of products in treated water is between 6.5 and 6.9.
KYROZID® allows treatment of minimum quantity and can be dosed exactly. The product is
very economical - one kilogram of the powder component is sufficient for producing up to
500 m³ of water in drinking water quality.
1 litre KYROZID®- T is sufficient for:
  • 10 up to 20 m³ of drinking water
  • 2 m³ content of plastic pipelines
  • 1 m³ content of concrete and ZM - pipelines
  • 2 m³ cooling water

  KYROZID® is applicable everywhere, when it comes to long termed
disinfection of water, storage tanks and pipeline systems. Practical
experience and tests of laboratories have proven a safe and rapid efficacy.

Some examples:
  • Removal of biofilms
  • Disinfection of drinking water (waterworks)
  • Disinfection of pipelines and water tank systems
  • Control of legionella and legionella contaminated systems
  • Disinfection of filters
  • Slime control in cooling systems
  • Disinfection of air cleansing systems
Supply Quantities:

  Containers are available in different sizes suitable for the application for
each customer.